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This is a collection of information and resources that will help you during your 6-week class.



Capstone/Written Assessments

Discussion forum participation

In-class participation


**Please note that these are the standard rubrics issued to instructors by the University. If your instructor provides you with different rubrics, please refer to them throughout your specific course.**

Writing Resources

Purdue Online Writing Lab

University of Victoria Writer's Guide

Under the Grammar Hammer - Word document attached at the bottom of the page.

APA Resources

CLEARY STYLE MANUAL (formerly APA in a Nutshell):
Cleary's Style Guide. Updated to reflect 6th edition changes

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the PDF document, The Annotated Bibliography

NoodleTools - APA citation generator. All Cleary students have access to NoodleTools. Check with the librarian if you don't have or have forgotten your user name or password.

Purdue Online Writing Lab - APA Formatting and Style Guide

Cleary Online Library
(password required)

Additional Resources

Academic Integrity at Cleary
Information about academic integrity, plagiarism and cheating, along with consequences of cheating or plagiarizing.

Standard Grading Scale

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy