MichiCard-Logo Michigan's Statewide Library Card

Cleary University participates in the MichiCard network to provide you with on site access to 305 public and academic libraries across the state of Michigan for research or personal use. Through the MichiCard network Cleary students, faculty and staff are eligible to to borrow books from any participating library, at no charge.

It is simple to enroll in the MichiCard program, in fact you may already be enrolled! Current students, faculty and staff simply need to bring their Cleary ID to Cleary's nearest campus center and ask to be enrolled in the MichiCard program. You will be issued a MichiCard sticker to be placed on the back of your ID card. If you are an online student, or misplaced your ID card, bring a state issued photo id (drivers license, passport, ext.) on your next visit to campus and a campus center associate will be more them happy to issue you a new ID card. You may have been issued a MichiCard sticker during your student orientation; look on the back of your student ID card for the MichiCard sticker.

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