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What does it mean to "Shepardize" a case?

Lawyers never want to find themselves arguing before a judge only to be criticized for relying on outdated cases that have been overruled To make sure this doesn't happen, attorneys "Shepardize" every case cited memos and briefs. [You can also Shepardize your opponent’s cases, hoping s/he is citing bad law.]

Shepardize n. a method of locating reports of appeals decisions based on prior precedents from Shepard's Citations, books which list the volume and page number of published reports of every appeals court decision which cites a previously decided case or a statute. Shepard's exists for all sets of reports of appeals cases, and is updated every month with supplemental booklets. While it looks like a mathematician's book of tables, Shepard's Citations is an invaluable tool in finding appeals decisions which either follow, distinguish or deviate from prior case law. [Source:]

How to Shepardize:

Doing Legal Research: Shepard’s Case Citations:

Using Lexis/Nexis to find Shepard's Cases:

  1. Log into the Cleary Online Library and select the Lexis/Nexis database
  2. Select US Legal
  3. Select Shepard's Citations
  4. Insert the citation and click "CHECK"
  5. Continued below

LN Shepard's Citations

You are advanced to the next screen' here's what you'll see once you've selected the appropriate case:

LN Shepard's Citation Example 2

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