Internships and Cooperative Learning

Internships: Why to get one, how to get one, how to make the most of one

Making the Most of your Cooperative Learning Experience

Consider this a Real Job… with Real Responsibilities Set Personal Learning Goals for each week, month and term. Decide what skills you want to improve and who you want to meet. Measure your results and assess the quality of your work. Set smart goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time based.

Ask for Feedback from your supervisors and co-workers if appropriate. Don’t assume that you are doing ok, ask for confirmation that you are meeting and/or exceeding expectations.

Be Professional in your dress, demeanor, and relationships. Don’t take excessive breaks or join in office gossip. Come in early and stay late and always smile.

Take Initiative with projects. Find and solve your boss’s problems.

Network your way to career contacts and find a mentor. Go out of your way to meet employees in various departments. Build relationships with professionals by assisting them even in small ways.

Record your Accomplishments and not just your responsibilities. Keep track of what you accomplished to bulk up your resume and cover letters.

Leave on a Positive Note. Write a formal thank you letter to your supervisor and bring in treats for the office staff. Let everyone know how much you appreciate their help. Don’t ever burn your bridges because you never know when you will see these people again. Sources: Pomerantz Career Center, University of Iowa

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