Course Elements and Weights

Course Elements
Your final grade is determined by a variety of elements related to this course (individual and team capstones, weekly assignments, online discussion, participation) the quality of your work, meeting assignment deadlines, and by factoring in different weights to different elements. As a rule, assignments are graded on a 100 point scale; discussions are 50 points. Common grading elements include: capstone, weekly assignments, discussion/participation. If your class requires a team project, that may be graded separately from weekly assignments.

Weighted Grades
Although your assignments may earn the same number of points, different categories are weighted differently. As an example, your final capstone may earn a maximum of 100 points, but is responsible 30% of your final grade.

To review the assignment categories and weights, click on Grades under ADMINISTRATION on the left side of the eCleary screen.
In general, module assignments are due by the end of the last day of each module (Sunday) before 11:55 pm.

Late Work
Late work policies vary by instructor. Make sure you check with him/her about individual requirements.

In general, none of the assignments have been set to prevent you from uploading your assignment late. The exception is the Turnitin assignment that requires a start and end date.

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