Classroom Discussion and Participation


In-Class Participation and Discussion

At the instructor's discretion, discussion may occur both during the class lecture and in the online discussion forums. However, in general if you are taking a 4 credit, 6-week lecture class most or all of your weekly discussion occurs during your weekly lecture period.

Please complete the weekly reading assignments BEFORE attending class each week. You are expected read the assignment chapter and be prepared to discuss any discussion question(s) identified in the Module. In a lecture class your instructor may identify a specific topic or question that you should be prepared to discuss during your weekly meeting; in an online class, the discussion prompt(s) is/are posted in the weekly forum. Discussions focus on specific training and development concepts from the chapter readings. In the lecture format, in-class participation is required. Specific class participation and discussion expectations vary from class-to-class, depending on the delivery format, number of credits, and instructor preferences.

Online Forums & Discussions

Online discussions may be required in some of your lecture courses and are required in most distance learning (DL) courses. In the case of our 6-credit classes, you are expected to contribute in both the classroom and online setting. Where online discussions are required, you should be responding your classmates' postings with the goal of creating a lively discussion throughout the week. General online discussion expectations are to respond to each thread with one original answer post and at least two additional follow-up posts. The original answer post should be posted before you read any other classmates' posts, and your follow-up posts should reflect your attention to and critical analysis of your classmates' posts.

Note: Your individual instructor may have different participation and online discussion expectations. It is important for you to clarify these expectations at the beginning of each class. In the case of both the classroom participation and online discussion, our goal is to provide you with the opportunity think creatively about a concern or issue and apply course concepts.