Attendance Policy

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all regularly-scheduled class meetings. This includes participation (logging in, posting to the discussion forum, submitting assignments, etc.) for online courses. To maximize learning, students should arrive on time and participate during the entire class meeting.

A student who misses two or more meetings of a six-week evening class without the permission of the instructor will earn a grade of a NC (no credit) if the studentis earning a passing grade for the class based on the criteria identified in the instructor's syllabus at the timeof thesecond absence. If the student isfailing the class at the time of the second absence, the instructor mayelect to assign the student a failing grade based on the student's poor performance. This step is designed to discourage a student from using the NC grade to leave a class due to a failing grade. In the case of a NC grade, the student may repeat the class to fulfill degree requirements.

In special circumstances approved by the instructor, the student who misses two classesmay be given the option to continue in the class and complete all missing assignments, resulting in a grade in the class. However, the student must be passing the class at the time of the second absence.

Class attendance records are kept by the instructor and may be included as a criterion for the course grade. Instructors provide their individual policies on absence and grading in their class syllabus.

The same policy on attendance applies to students enrolled in the undergraduate daytime program. However, the policy covers students who miss four meetings for classes meeting twelve times per term.

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